Because life is distracting…

February 16, 2010 at 12:25 pm (Random humanity)

I am high.
Intoxicated… by the discoveries of my own mind… and the treasures that it leads me to…
Heady…with the freedom with which it dives into disturbia… and surfaces again… in brilliant clarity.


You know how it is. Sometimes, life is kind and epiphany refuses to leave you. The real world and all its f@#%- ups become extras in the unrelenting movie that your mind is filming. You finally get a glimpse of your raison d’etre(reason for being) (if it hasn’t happened to you already, I hope it does, because it is unbeatable, like I say each time) You might lose your phone connection if the bill isn’t paid tonight. That cool guy you met last night hasn’t called. In fact you saw him borrow a pen from the girl with the killer legs. Your boss raised the wrong eyebrow when you turned in your work. Your friends raised the wrong eyebrow when they saw your haircut. Your coworker is off to pick up those shoes you were eyeing.   Why aren’t you hyperventilating already?! Do you not see the doom? Oh yeah that’s right. Your invincible button is turned on. You are ON. You surfaced. Are you going to float and breathe or worry about the sirens in the distance?

Float baby float!

But then I have all this pending excels to fill, a presentation to make, a Resume that needs to be rescued from the jaws of extinction but does it matter to me right now? I’m busy building a home of insight here. In the real world i am “blank”. In my head I’m a sweaty construction worker. I should like, live – in this world of ideas. I’d like to. Everything has its place here. Everything makes sense. Beautiful, poetic sense. So that just leaves one option. I declare myself delusional beyond help, impractical beyond saving and check myself into mental rehab.

Except that I already set my mind free! It does not like this solution! It will get its own. It starts figuring out the place of the real world in my ‘home’. It struggles. It starts frikkin’ wading again until it arrives at priorities and plans and action. Unimaginative, mundane, real world action. It discovers order. A creature of reason and a slave of meaning, I am helpless in the face of this discovery. I must follow it.

Tonight I decide to bring order. Not by force, but by simply opening my eyes to the right place of things. The right place of thoughts and activities. The right time of action. And when I see the place of something, it’s not in my place to disrupt it by not pursuing it. Wouldn’t I be disrespecting my own sense of reason? If follow-my-instincts is what I do, what I’d rather do, I have to go wherever they take me. Even if it’s a place they never want go to.
When you don’t see any reason in doing things that u should be doing, you have to rise to the reason.

Or pull yourself up to it.

So that they come naturally to u.

So that you arrive at them.

Liberty in place.

Maybe then… freedom and discipline can strike the balance they never want to strike…

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A Shop Talk

September 22, 2009 at 12:52 pm (Branding and advertising)

daphne_by_daphnerainOne-liner on why I decided to write this post: “My deep love not for fashion….but the never ending desire of owning Gucci bags, Jimmy Choo and Charles & Keith Stilettos, miss sixty accessories, Chanel dresses and  Dior perfumes… started since I was 13.

People call me a Fashionista but I don’t work in fashion. If you’re like me, then chances are you went through the phase of searching for the next big thing, and now you are sick of the chase. It’s always hard to keep up with the Jones of the world.

Hand’s up if after watching “confessions of a shopaholic” you pulled your friends to the theatres to watch it. Not because it deserves an Oscar. But when Ms Rebecca Bloomwood swooned over the green scarf…did I just see you pull you hands over the cheeks, eyes in appreciation and you gasping “Omg…I want it too!”

You pulled your mates along because it was like your story.

Maybe you are exactly like a Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic or maybe you are a total opposite. Have you ever wondered if you are more of a shopaholic or a frugal person, you can find out by asking yourself the questions I complied in this blog entry.

Check this list to see how many shopaholic characteristics you possess.

shopaholicYou are a Shopaholic if you:

1. Shop frequently (not just window-shopping);

2. Shop compulsively (buying without 2nd thought);

3. Spend beyond your means (no savings);

4. Shop as a result of confused emotions;

5. Lie to cover up your purchases;

6. Cannot resist not having the newest or latest item;

7. Cannot resist a bargain (buying ‘cos it’s cheap).

You are a frugal person if you obviously do not match the above.

But hey, coming to a point of discussion or rather a matter of fact shopaholism is now considered to be a mental disorder, fancy that! Our innocent lovely hobby of raiding boutiques and fancy stores is severely criticized by mental medical specialists who obviously cannot sort out their own heads let alone searching for something in other people’s brain.

Now women can’t easily indulge in their beloved profession called shopaholism (wasting their husbands’ money limitlessly) without being labeled a crazy chick with feverish signs of an awkward word ‘shopaholism’.

These signs are concentrated at one and only desire – to run around the local shops and boutiques chasing down the discounts, trying on and buying myriad of dresses, jeans, lingerie and so on and so forth. A woman is said to think about shopping much more frequent than she thinks about sex – do you think statistic-collectors should refresh their data?

Actually, medical specialists call the whole thing Compulsive Shopping Disorder. It is being discussed among scientific daddies all over the world. They write articles about this specific disorder’s symptoms, duration and make up cures… They develop various techniques for a ‘mentally ill’ person to be freed from this horrible disorder.

But hey again, why are all fingers pointed to the “Female gender”? If females are “Shopoholics”, I would call men as “Collectors”. Yes, if we buy 2 pairs of extra dresses then they buy 10 CD’s instead of 2, if we spend a 5000 bucks on 2 Tees and a pair of corduroy, they will blow a 25,000k on a rado watch!!

Remember the Post Purchase Cognitive Dissonance topic in our consumer behaviour classes? Next on the list is the shopaholics brand loyalty and their post purchase behaviour.

Till then time for some real shopaholic confessions! Will the real Slim shady please stand up?

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A Sutta Thought

September 17, 2009 at 12:26 pm (Random humanity)

Die_smoking_by_emaghrabiWe all know what a smoker feels like when he is all stressed up and wants the extra kick but do we know what the little red amber feels between the two fingers? I tried, I did..

Everybody writes an autobiography of a pen, a shoe, a tree even a rug! Why not the tobacco or the drug or an AK 47 or me? Because we have been tagged BAD by the majority. But does it bother me…No …why should it? I still continue to make my masters lots of profits, I get the attention that girls die for from their boyfriends, I am the best friend in stress and happiness, when no one can cool you down, I can. When you do not allow anyone to know your grief it’s the only ME who keeps all your secrets.

Still I have more foes than friends. Gain more hatred and rejections rather than appreciation for the adrenalin rush I give you to boost your spirits.

Duh!.. Mine is a thankless job

I am the convention and I am the disruption.  ist2_266871-drawing-of-a-man-smoking-a-cigarette

Convention – I kill

Disruption – I save

Lifted eyebrows?? I thought so..

I kill – I know but doesn’t everybody else also do the same?? Humans do, animals do even god gives you death in the end. Why do I get the blames? Will humans ban humans; will they ban animals or God? Dumb question isn’t it? That’s what I think too, Dumb Humans!

I save – I am the smoker’s desperate last effort to convince himself that the world isn’t all that bad. I give them hope. And the world lives on hopes…loads of them; I too have good in me.

But the worst is yet to come. Quitting. Getting me was never an issue, not difficult, you made friends with me when you wanted to but you wish to leave me when your family wants to! Not fair. Did you take their permission before wanting me? No. Now you need My permission and I say NO. Just because I can’t speak doesn’t mean that I don’t have feelings, or that I don’t want you as much as you want me. Ours is a relationship of mutual symbiosis! No one quits without the permission of the other.

Still people continue to cheat me, their first wives, though hard to because I make them miss me. I make them repay too and that too the harder way round. But eventually I realized that I do not make any true friends. They all eventually die with me, burn out with me. Only difference being that I continue to live, I am reborn. I make new friends and forget the lost and old. I am nobody’s loyal, the more around, the merrier. I am the personal brand of just the nicotine that lives as my soul and none other. I am married to the tobacco and my vow of marriage with tobacco is to burn all.

Ohhh…did you just hear the wicked me?

Mandira says:

Do I seem obsessed with the idea of smokers and their lady figured smoke girlfriend?

Heck no….somehow I have always wondered more about the other end of the smoker rather than the other end of the cigarette.

My sole purpose of posting the vintage smoke ads were mainly 2, both for the people I know who smoke:

a)  Does the non existence of these ads affect you? – Though I know most of you would either be shaking your heads vigorously saying a no..or that smirky smile would have stretched your lips and made you swear in your mind saying “ how foolish! Obviously NO”

b)   Second do you think that the majority is foolish to have banned these ads?

My idea of writing this post is not to give gyaan, neither am I here to convince anyone to quit smoking. The best part being that all who smoke know the ill effects they might face in near future. But are you sure you know all?

When I conceived the idea for this blog I wanted it to be light…funny…something that relaxes the people who read and makes me light hearted too. I had thought of writing an autobiography about a cigarette quite some time back but not the way it has turned out now. Actually I wanted to write about “if I were a cigarette whom would I like to be smoked by and why?”

Hah!..The answer is no one…I don’t want to be shot!

But somehow my mind changed overnight because of a book I read. People who know me also know that I do not read serious books. But everything that happens happens for a reason.

If you happen to come across try reading this book called “Many lives, Many Masters” by Dr Brian Weiss.

[And now the following link  is for all of you who think that all that smoking causes is various forms of cancer and asthma.And for all those who got inspired by the earlier blog, keep the spirits high and get inspired here too..;)  But once again..its just to broaden your dimensions about your best friend!]

Good luck..

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Eye Candy for Cigarette lovers!

September 15, 2009 at 1:06 pm (Branding and advertising)

This week, President Obama signed the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act – an act which outlaws flavored cigarettes (like clove) and the use of terms such as “mild” or “light”. There is definitely irony in this as Obama is known to smoke. In memory of yesteryear when cigarette advertising was everywhere, I have compiled this list of amusing (and probably shocking to many people) top 10 vintage cigarette posters. Many of the images were sourced from WellMedicated.

10. My throat is safe…

10 - my throat is safeMy say: Her throat may be safe but she looks like she has scarlet fever!

9.  Smoking for equality

9 smoking for equalityMy say: “Women began to smoke, so they tell me, just about the time they began to vote”…hmm vintage thought indeed!

8.  BLOW IN HER FACE….8 blow in her face

My Say: I am not sure that “blowing” in your girlfriends face is going to get you very far…

7.  Lead women Around7 lead women around

My say: How many women here would fall in behind a guy who smelt of stale smoke?

6.  Doctors Smoke Camels…6 docs smoke camels

Not My say but true: It is in fact true that in the past many doctors would “prescribe” smoking to pregnant women as a safer alternative to medicines in the control of blood pressure.

5.  More Doctors..5 more doctors

My say: You have to love the urgency in this poster as the doctor is woken in the early hours of the morning to deal with a cigarette crisis.

4.  Elementary4 elemntary

My say: I think they screwed up with this ad – he looks more like a demon than a happy smoker to me..

3.  Happy Chesterfield Christmas!3 happy chesterfield christmas

MY say as a smoker: I must confess, as a smoker I would appreciate these for Christmas – especially at today’s prices!

2.  For Cowboys and Indians2 cowboys and indians

My say: Not just a smoking ad – but a racial stereotype! God knows how this was meant to entice people to take up the habit.

1. Doctors of Morale

1 doctors of morale

My say: Here is a doctor in the field who not only boosts your health – he boosts your morale: with a pack of camels!

Now Bonus time

Bonus 1

bonus - clowns

My say: Okay – this one isn’t funny – it’s bloody scary!

Bonus 2

bonus2 nazi anti smoking campaign True fact here:

Believe it or not, the Nazis were the first to launch nation-wide anti-smoking campaigns. The translation of this poster is: “Attack vices rather than complain about ‘burdens.’ 2 million KdF cars [the Volkswagen] up in smoke. Excessive use of tobacco costs the German people 2.35 billion marks annually, enough for around 2 million KdF cars, or enough gas for those cars to drive 50 billion kilometers (not million, dear proofreader)! We need to rationalize our people’s economy!”

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It’s Spoilt mee..!!

September 14, 2009 at 1:01 pm (Uncategorized)

ohh yes you read it correct….

Spoilt me to the core..why because it seems more than just a drug or a smoking addiction for me. The “it” is the big A bug that’s hit me.

Since it is my first post and blogs are supposed to be talking about ones passion and likings, i will let the following do the talking and spoil you tooo..

Am here with a bang!




Titles: “Surfer”, “Climber” and “Boarder”
Creative Directors: Veikko Hille, Sebastian Hardieck, Toygar Bazarkaya
Art Director: Michael Plückhahn
Copywriter: Dietmar Neumann Beratung: Heike Flottmann, Annika Lauhöfer
Art Buying: Birgit Paulat
Production: Stefan Kranefeld Imaging, Düsseldorf
Agency: BBDO Germany

They´ve just won the Grand Prix at the Epica Awards. The motifs are inspired by the famous Pepsi-Logo in red, white and blue and show adventurous pictures.Pepsi_Boarder



Creative: Nicholas Tasker

Client : FedEX



FedEx-3FedEx-4-FedEx-5Title: Telephonic List
Client: Oral-B (mouth wash)
Tagline: Against bad breath
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Director: Adalberto Santana


The line reads “Nothing wakes you up as Nescafe.”
Advertising Agency: McCann Erickson, Chile
Creative Director: Rene Moraga


Advertising Agency: Team/Y&R, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Shahir Ahmed, Komal Bedi
Art Director/Copywriter: Umran Shaikh
Account Supervisor: Ashraf Naji

Client – Colgate

Long Lasting Whiteness..


These were some of my favourites…do u have any? Maybe we can discuss..

Cya soon

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